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Towards 25 years of activity and the new headquarters in Mendrisio

Towards 25 years of activity and the new headquarters in Mendrisio

7 Jun , 2022 - Fiduciaria Lago

Verso i 25 anni di attività e la nuova sede a Mendrisio

Fiduciaria Lago recently inaugurated its new offices, officially becoming a trust firm in Mendrisio. The studio was founded in 1998 by Giovanni Bernaschina, who is still a partner and owner of the company. 

In these first 20 years, now almost 25, the company has grown and this year it has opened its operational headquarters in Mendrisio.

The firm has always catered to both businesses and individuals, dealing  with the management of services such as accounting, tax issues, salary aspects and any other service related to business management.

While for private citizens, he mainly deals with tax returns, tax consultancy and relocation services.

Studio Fiduciario a Mendrisio

Over the past 25 years, the world of trust companies has substantially changed and is aimed above all at local businesses based in Ticino. The bureaucratic and administrative aspects have become more complex and it is the duty of accountant trustees to intervene to simplify operations and facilitate the work of our customers.

In turn, digitization has changed the way we work and interface with institutions and professionals, which is why Fiduciaria Lago has adapted to new technologies by making use of digital security services, using suitable tools and turning, where necessary, to the advice of professionals from sector. 

The firm also pays particular attention to the continuous training of its personnel and to collaboration in partnership with external professionals, in order to always be able to offer quality services and specialized consultancy.

Fiduciaria Lago opens the new offices in Mendrisio and prepares for the near milestone of 25 years, with an eye towards the future, but with the same professional and human approach that paved the way for the goals it celebrates today.

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