servizi della fiduciaria


Fiduciaria Lago since 25 years has been specializing in company incorporation and management of Swiss companies but offers all the services of trust companies in the commercial field for companies, professionals and private citizens. from tax returns to business accounting.

Our fiduciary services for businesses, professionals and individuals are also aimed at international customers and are modulated in personalized consultancy and ad hoc service packages according to the objectives and individual needs.

The experience acquired over the years in the establishment and management of Swiss companies and a consolidated network of collaborators specialized in various fields, allows us today to offer a complete range of fiduciary services and therefore to be able to support our clients at 360┬░ in the path towards the achievement of their goals.

Our working approach is based on the possibility of managing every fiscal and administrative aspect as an opportunity for cost optimization and business growth.

Servizi Fiduciari per PMI Professionisti e Privati
  • Payrolls
  • Practice work permits and permit B
  • Fiscal declaration
  • Companies management and administration
  • Accounting
  • Accounting audits

All Services Offered

Fiduciary services for businesses

  • Company incorporation
  • Accounting
  • Salary
  • Tax declaration
  • Business valuation
  • Accounting audits
  • Tax advice
Servizi Fiduciari per PMI Professionisti e Privati Fidulago
Gestione di società svizzere

Fiduciary services for private citizens

  • Tax declaration and complaint management
  • Management of independent professionals
  • Tax advice
  • Retirement advice

Companies incorporation and management

  • Opening of a new company in Switzerland and abroad
  • Choose the most suitable corporate form
  • Management of legal and bureaucratic processes

Relocation services

  • Searching for accomodation
  • Practices and permits management
  • Domestic support

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