Novità Legislative in Svizzera

Legislative changes in Switzerland for the 2022 tax year

Legislative changes in Switzerland for the 2022 tax year

16 Aug , 2022 - Fiduciaria Lago

Novità legislative in Svizzera per l’anno fiscale 2022

Legislative changes in Switzerland for the 2022 tax year

Fiscal treatment of fines

The legislator wanted to establish unequivocally the non-deductibility of fines, fiscal and non-fiscal, of pecuniary penalties and administrative pecuniary sanctions of a criminal nature pronounced by Swiss authorities or by foreign authorities, except in cases where these decisions are contrary to public order under Swiss law.

On the other hand, the cost of sanctions that are not criminal in nature can be deducted.

The objective of this provision is to clarify the principle that if these penalties of a criminal nature were deductible, their punitive effect would cease to exist as it is mitigated by the possibility of tax deductions.

The purpose of the sanction is to penalize only the offender and not the entire community.

How to complete the tax return

Among the legislative changes in Switzerland for the year 2022, we also note the obligation for legal entities (and not for natural persons) to complete their tax return in an electronic format called eTaxPG (applicazione scaricabile gratuitamente).

Higher deduction for child care by third parties

The legislator wanted to standardize the tax deduction, hitherto linked to the taxpayer's taxable income, by introducing a maximum deductible amount, regardless of the taxpayer's taxable income, in relation to care provided by third parties for the care of children.

Specifically, it is a maximum deduction of CHF 25,000 for care provided by third parties to each child who has not yet turned 14 and lives in household communion with the taxpayer who provides for his maintenance.

Previously, the maximum deductible amount was CHF 10,000.

Obviously this deduction must be proven and these expenses must have a causal link with the taxpayer: expenses outside the taxpayer's working or training time are not allowed, nor are expenses for meals and accommodation of children looked after by third parties.

The deduction is limited to child care and there is no deduction for domestic personnel.

 In spite of these legislative innovations in Switzerland, the remunerative interests at 0.10% on taxes paid in excess are confirmed also for 2022. While the late interest rate amounts to 2.5%.

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