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VAT Number in Switzerland: Differences with Italy and Advantages

VAT Number in Switzerland: Differences with Italy and Advantages

5 Feb , 2024 - Fiduciaria Lago

Guida all’Apertura della Partita IVA in Svizzera: Differenze con l’Italia e Vantaggi

Understanding the Swiss tax system is crucial for every entrepreneur and professional operating or intending to operate in Switzerland.

This article explores in detail the concept of VAT registration in Switzerland, highlighting the significant differences compared to the Italian system and the specific advantages, with a particular focus on taxation.

Key differences between VAT numbers in Switzerland and Italy

It should be made clear from the outset that in Switzerland, unlike in Italy, the concept of a VAT number takes on different contours. In this short article, we will explain the main peculiarities.

  • VAT Rates and Registration Thresholds

In Switzerland, the standard VAT rate is 8.1%, significantly lower than the Italian standard rate of 22%. In addition, there are reduced rates for specific goods and services.

One distinctive aspect is the turnover threshold for VAT registration: in Switzerland, it is only necessary to register if annual turnover exceeds CHF 100,000, a higher threshold than in Italy, thus offering considerable advantages for small companies.

  • Decentralised Fiscal System

Unlike Italy, Switzerland has a highly decentralised tax system, with a focus on profit taxes rather than VAT. This means that cantons have some autonomy in setting tax policies, which can lead to significant advantages for companies in terms of taxation and incentives.

  • Tax Deductions and Reductions

The Swiss tax system allows for a wide range of tax deductions. This includes the ability to deduct a wider variety of business expenses, helping to reduce the overall tax burden.

  • Fiscal Transparency and Stability

Switzerland is renowned for its tax transparency and stability. Unlike Italy, where tax regulations can change frequently and significantly, Switzerland offers a more predictable and stable environment, facilitating long-term planning for companies. This is crucial for companies wishing to establish a lasting presence.

  • Opportunities for International Businesses

Finally, Switzerland is particularly attractive for international companies. The combination of a favourable tax system, a strategic location in Europe and a stable economic environment makes Switzerland an ideal starting point for companies seeking to expand internationally.


For entrepreneurs and companies considering opening a VAT number in Switzerland, understanding these differences and advantages is crucial to taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Swiss tax system.

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