Aprire una società in Svizzera

How to open a company in Switzerland

How to open a company in Switzerland

19 Oct , 2022 - Fiduciaria Lago

Come Aprire una società in Svizzera

Do you need or want to open a company in Canton Ticino? Switzerland is still today among the first choices of entrepreneurs and investors who want to start a business on a global level.

There are many reasons behind this preference and the most noticeable are:

  • Fast and easy bureaucracy
  • Economic stability
  • Reduced corporate tax load
  • Central position in Europe
  • Public efficiency and functioning infrastructure

Furthermore, choosing to establish the company headquarters in Switzerland can represent a positive return in terms of company image and also the possibility of becoming part of a company's international network and therefore expanding one's customer portfolio.

There are many opportunities and advantages if the right procedures are followed by expert professionals who are able to guide companies step by step through the bureaucracy and the procedures of a very protected and restricted area such as Switzerland.

How to choose your business entity

The first thing to do is to choose the legal form. Regardless of the type of business and sector your company operates in, there are mainly two types of companies that we recommend:

  • Limited responsibility (SAGL): suitable for small and medium size businesses, it doesn’t involve any restrictions for foreign business partners but it requires that at least one administrator lives in Switzerland.
  • Corporation (SA): suitable for medium - big size businesses. Business partners can be anonymous and, as per SAGL business entity, at least one administrator should live in Switzerland.

Establish the corporate address in Switzerland

In addition to choosing the corporate form, it is important to decide the domiciliation of the company you want to set up. In fact, since Switzerland is a confederation, there may be important differences depending on the Canton where the company is to be domiciled, related to:

  • Tax system
  • Relationships with local authorities
  • Language

Corporate domicile in one Canton rather than another can be decisive for the achievement of your business goals and for this reason it has to be carefully evaluated in the first stage ofthe consulting.

Company management

In addition to the decisions to be taken in the preliminary phase described above, to establish a successful company in Switzerland it is crucial to be strategically followed in the start-up/post-opening phase of the company.

Many of the most common problems faced by the companies that have just entered the Swiss market are related to their lack of experience and knowledge of the territory and of the Swiss legal and bureaucratic scenario that could end up causing slowdowns and economic losses.

For this reason, a fiduciary can be a necessary partner to build a medium and long-term action plan, to guarantee safe accounting management and to develop your business together in a proactive way.

Choose to rely on professionals

An experienced fiduciary studio will be able to guide you safely in choosing the corporate form that best suits your needs, in understanding how taxation works and in identifying any specific tax breaks and/or exemptions applicable to your situation.

Our services related to establishing a company in Switzerland are addressed to:

  • Local entrepreneurs already present in Switzerland who want to evolve and develop their business to the fullest
  • Foreign entrepreneurs who want to open their business in Switzerland
  • Foreign entrepreneurs who want to transfer their existing business or open a new office in Switzerland.

Fiduciaria Lago Sagl has been working as an active partner for its customers for over 25 years with a view to continuous mutual growth, providing:

  • Experience and professional skills
  • International business network of professionals and companies
  • Partnership
  • Confidentiality and professionalism

Contact us to receive a specialized consulting.

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